“Welcome to my writing archive, distilled from over 25 years of practical experience with patents and principles of intellectual property management. Come spend a few moments and let me introduce you to each of my books and articles.”

“Early in my career, I found little practical guidance in the literature on patent strategy and intellectual property. Most of the books concerned the infinite details of patent law and were either too simplistic or dealt with issues most inventors never encountered. I resolved to share what I knew, and the result was Patent Strategy for Researchers and Research Managers. This third edition adds the major features of the America Invents Act, a major law change in the United States. Now, Patent Strategy has become a respected guide used by inventors and managers of all types worldwide.”

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“Confederate Invention: The Story of the Confederate States Patent Office and Its Inventors examines the previously ignored subject of patenting in the South during the American Civil War. It is the result of over 10 years of research into Southern inventions and brings to life a forgotten part of our nation’s history. This book is available from LSU Press.”

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“Beyond my books, and contributions to another, I’ve penned a number of articles for Law Journal Newsletters, and was even featured by the European Patent Office.”

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“Thanks for visiting. I enjoy my subject and appreciate any opportunity to discuss it with others. If you’re like-minded or have comments, I hope you’ll contact me.”

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— H. Jackson Knight

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